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John Gammans | Artist | Painter | Sculptor

John Gammans Artist“Hi, and welcome to my website. I hope that you will enjoy looking around at some of my galleries. I’ve been painting and drawing since I was a kid, but I guess that my current style first started to manifest itself around 15 years ago when I started to paint big and stopped paying much attention to normal conventions. My subject and inspiration is nature, I mean, what better subject can an artist have. Specifically I’m inspired by skyscapes and landscapes, I love the ever changing light, colour and texture that mother nature mixes together. I have developed a style which grants me the freedom and speed to try and capture a small amount of that feeling that we all experience when taking in a magnificent breathtaking view. I’ve taken endless photos of sunsets only to be disappointed by the results, but there is something about simply interrupting and reacting in the moment that although may not be technically perfect somehow manages to bottle some of those feeling to be enjoyed over and over again. I think that all paintings should evoke a feeling of some sort in the viewer. Most people will see slightly different things in my work, from the literal to the lateral, which is great as this makes each piece personal and unique to each person.”

John C Gammans