About Me

Artist | Painter | Sculptor

John has been an artist since his earliest memories but has been selling his work for the past 13 years. After leaving school and attending the South East Essex College of Art and Design, John started to turn his creativity towards his love of design and film and pursued his further education in prototype and special effects modelmaking. It was here that John specifically remembers his love of painting and drawing being rekindled by his tutors. Introducing him to life drawing which lead to sketching and observational techniques which were to aid and promote the design process, but also helped with the realisation that expression was a fundamental desire. Graduating with a BA Hons degree in Three Dimensional Design from KIAD in 1999, John soon found himself expressing himself more and more through his paintings. John developed his style to enable him to quickly capture the feeling of the subject, rather than worrying about the fine details, which is important as John’s main subject changes with every passing moment.

“Whilst at KIAD I’d made two very large canvases, which I had intended to use but never quite had the right inspiration. Finally, after a really bad day at work, I remember rushing home and taking out one of the canvases and some old paints, inks and grabbed a watering can and let rip. The painting took an afternoon to create and about a week to dry. Upon hearing about the new creation my parents were very skeptical, as they had seen the frantic painting that had taken place at the end of the garden. Much to my surprise my mum quite liked it, which is praise of the highest order.”

The size and mess created during painting meant that John found that he was best suited to working outside, which also gave him the opportunity of putting himself in front for his subject. The windows of opportunity granted by the British weather were often limiting, so often carrying canvases and paints up step footpaths to take advantage of view points, John would often make the most of the time available and paint a series of pieces at one time. This technique meant that painting would be periodic, in some cases months or years would pass between series.

When in 2005 John moved to Devon he acquired a great little artist studio in the middle of the countryside. Having this base to work from meant that John was able to work both in the environment that he loved so much but also undercover when the weather was against him. This also afforded John the ability to create some more experimental abstract pieces.

Whilst at his Devon based studio John has exhibited at several Open Studio events, where he has enjoyed some further selling success. He has also undertaken a large joint exhibition with his Father, the aptly named “Father & Son” exhibition was something that john was very kind to organise as he often sites his Father as being the early inspiration and driving force for him to want to become an artist.

John Gammans